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Corporate Counselling
Providing solutions and plans that help deal with burnout. The result reflects an increased productivity level at work. This enhancement is supported by implementing environmental and design psychology elements into the collaborative and individual workspace. Incorporating the ability to bounce back from trauma, stress, fatigue, exhaustion, and adversity is integral to this service.
Mindfulness is the state of assertive and active attention focusing on observation and understanding one’s present. Various techniques are used to increase awareness, feel calm, relaxed, and Zen. The idea is to develop skills that help improve focus, streamlining attention, and balance the overall mood.
Child and Parent Counselling
Raising a child and understanding the unique psychologically driven principles for parenting can be complicated. Different parenting styles and family structures dictate the child-parent relation and the stressors affiliated with them. We address these issues and provide counseling and therapy that meet the distinctive requirements of the family.
Couples Counselling
Explores unique avenues to engage in meaningful conversations and coping strategies that address individual emotional and psychological journeys. In addition, it strives to bridge the gap between individuals with scientific, research-driven techniques.
Educational Counselling
Students experience tremendous stress with increased educational expectations, parental pressure, peer pressure, and so on. Many people struggle with their emotions and find it challenging to manage to study and their social life. We help students understand their potential, resolve conflicts, to help them on their journey to achieving their goals.
General Mental Health Counselling
Along with therapy and counseling, overall psychological wellness is the desired state in which the individual’s presenting problems are addressed to increase happiness, self-acceptance, personal growth, finding purpose during difficult times, understanding and adapting to the environment, and positivity. Different activities and exercises will be used to implement and achieve these goals during the program. We also strive to help reach solutions and plans that enable individuals to deal with burnout. The result reflects an increased level of productivity.
Group Therapy
Helps clients resolve conflicts by providing interpersonal support and problem- solving. Qualified professionals guide the group to cruise through deep-seated psychological problems and deal with specific issues.
Guidance and Career Counselling
People differ in their abilities, personalities, needs, values, interests, traits, and self-concepts. We understand the person-environment-abilities fit and help individuals successfully determine careers and occupations that best suit their personality and abilities through individual assessments and tools.
Individual Counselling
Providing mental health services established through scientifically proven techniques and research. Clinicians achieve this rapport by establishing a working relationship with the client. Psychologists and therapists use these techniques to improve thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Furthermore, clinicians address issues in the personal, interpersonal, and professional areas.
Marriage and Family Counselling
We help couples or specific family members to deal with problems effectively by providing compassionate, safe, and caring environments to resolve interpersonal conflicts and nurture relations.
Aims at providing guidance and education to clients, patients, their caregivers, and people in general. Clinicians, researchers, doctors, among other health professionals, impart this information and knowledge to empower individuals to manage their day-to-day disease, drive decision-making, ease the uncertainty, and facilitate the psychological and social adaptation to the illness. Furthermore, psychoeducation is integrated into the emotional and motivational aspects to understand the disease and its treatment better and hopes to improve treatment adherence and efficacy.
Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Techniques
This form of therapy aims at revealing and resolving conflicts in the unconscious mind and make changes at the conscious level. This technique interprets one’s emotional and mental processes. We add person-centered and positive psychology approaches to make this a wholesome experience for the client(s).
Rehabilitation Counselling
We help individuals with physical, mental, or emotional difficulties deal with the trying circumstances and achieve independent and productive life goals.
Anxiety, Depression, And Stress Management
Depression is an emotional state categorized under mood disorders. It is marked by changes from the previous functioning by (i) Depressed mood (ii) Loss of interest and pleasure. These recurrent negative thoughts and feelings disrupt one’s overall functioning in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. Overall, it affects day-to-day activities and life. Anxiety is a state of apprehensiveness, uneasiness, anticipating ill, or fear of the impending future. This affects one’s present functioning and is often marked by physical symptoms along with psychological.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
A psychotherapeutic technique that focuses on an individual’s cognition, i.e., thoughts. It is used to understand and work on perceiving a specific situation and the reaction the situation provokes. CBT uses a hands-on and problem solving approach. The skills learned during this training remain with an individual for a long duration. It works on setting goals, working on irrational beliefs, and implementing changes that help individuals work with themselves and their environment better.


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Mindfulness is the state of assertive and active attention focusing on observation and understanding one’s present. Various techniques are used to increase awareness, feel calm, relaxed, and Zen. The idea is to develop skills that help improve focus, streamlining attention, and balance the overall mood.

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