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Healthy Minds is a multigenerational clinic offering mental health services and psychological treatment.

Mission Statement :

To help our clients improve and foster a positive environment for growth.

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Dr. Prashant Bhimani is a renowned senior consultant Psychologist from Ahmedabad, India who has been practicing for over 30 years now. He began working in 1999 and continues to offer his services at Healthy Minds Clinic. Dr. Bhimani has gained regional, national, and international reputations in psychology. His work ranges across all age groups in an individual, couples, family, group, and corporate settings. For the past 15 years, he has been contributing to Divya Bhaskar Newspaper as a weekly columnist. He is also publishing in ‘Halchal Healthline’ magazine (Kolkata), ‘Suvichar’ magazine (NGO of Gujarat Sadvichar Parivar’, and ‘Khadayta Joyoti’ (A Community Magazine). Moreover, his penmanship has produced five best-selling books. His transcreation for Arvind Adiga’s famous Man Booker Prize-winning novel, ‘The White Tiger,’ has gained tremendous popularity among the Gujarati audiences. Furthermore, Dr. Bhimani’s highly acclaimed books, ‘Hu Ane Tu,’ ‘Mandurast,’ ‘Positive Parenting,’ and ‘Healthy Minds’ have garnered much attention for his authorship and celebrated literary skills. As a listeners’ favorite, he has aired on numerous radio programs for over a decade now. His show, ‘Mann Ka Radio’ airs every Sunday morning on Radio City 91.1 FM. Furthermore, he has been invited for case analyses and discussions on various social media platforms, TV and FM radio channels- regional, national, and international. Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon are a few online spaces where you can find more on mental health by Dr. Bhimani.

A Gold Medalist from Gujarat University, Dr. Bhimani has been promoting psychoeducation, stigma reduction, and awareness in the field of psychology and mental health. He has delivered several talks, seminars, and workshops on topics ranging from Positive Parenting, Stress Management, Relationships, Emotional Growth, and much more. His services at several NGOs have accounted for humanitarian efforts toward building an inclusive society. He is also contributing as a senior consultant psychologist at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Clinically, Dr. Bhimani works with a wide range of areas like anxiety, depression, stress, anger and frustration, insomnia, parenting issues, study-related problems, psychosomatic disorders, adjustment disorders, addiction, marriage and family counseling, relationship difficulties, ADHD, bed-wetting, child-behavioral problems, and other psychological disorders. As an international member of the American Psychological Association and the British Psychological Society, Dr. Prashant Bhimani has been invited to various global platforms for promoting mindfulness, relationship management, positive psychology, and mental health.

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